Omega TradeStation’s ELD Decompression Utility

For those who are frequently using the strategy files in Omega TradeStation’s application, the ELD file is a very familiar object. This file is created when someone export some of the strategy routine into a file, and TradeStation will create the file with .ELD extension.

By examining more closely, the ELD file is actually a compressed / zipped files with .WRK extension.

I have already performing comparison the result of compressed file to the result of some standard compression utility in the market, such as IZArc, WinRar, but the result is somewhat different.

It seems that TradeStation application is using its proprietary compression algorithm. So, it excludes the possibility to perform de-compression of ELD file using the said standard compression / decompression utilities out there in the market.

I am using the word “it seems”, because, I have not tested all of the compression utilities in the market, as I said above, I am only using IZArc, WinRar, and then stop trying. So, maybe, there is a compression utility out there that give the identical result with the one generated by TradeStation application. It will be a great news for me and the other if you happen to found one 🙂

When someone is in the process of importing the ELD file to its TradeStation Platform, the ELD file is first decompressed before added into one of its analysis and techniques list.

The key function in ELD decompression process is located at orlib20!PointSourceToCompressed. It receives 3 parameters, the first one is some sort of window handle, the second is the location of the ELD file to be decompressed, and the third is some sort of flag value.

The result of decompressed files is located below MyWork folder, in the form of temporary folder that is prefixed with EL, for example EL33A.tmp. Usually, at import process, this folder is not removed. So, if you know your temporary folder name, you can get the result of extracted files for your recent ELD file.

For those who just want to view the extracted ELD files without resorting to use the TradeStation’s Import Wizard, I’ve created a small utility to extract the ELD file called ELDExtract.exe. But this utility, rather than re-inventing the wheel by re-creating the compatible de-compression algorithm, it just called the exported PointSourceToCompressed function within orlib20.dll to do the decompressing job.

This is the sample screen of ELDExtract.exe in action :

And, if you navigate to the de-compressed folder (in this case, EL1.tmp, as informed by ELDExtract utility), you will find :

As you can see from the above screen shot, the PointSourceToCompressed function returns very useful information of the location of extracted ELD file. This in turn, showed to the console by ELDExtract utility.

As I have already explained in previous article, the format of each of the extracted WRK file is in the form of compound storage object , just like any other files that conforms to compound storage object specifications. Hence, it can be viewed using any of the compound storage file viewer utilities.

This is the result of stg.exe utility (one of structured storage file viewer) when it is used to view the content of CWRKArea.wrk :

As you can see from the above screen-shot, the CWRKArea.wrk contains only one Stream Object, called M_3_0_Code, which supposed to be exported strategy routine.


44 Responses to “Omega TradeStation’s ELD Decompression Utility”

  1. Mario Says:

    Do you know a method to “repair” a corrupted MWRKArea.wrk file , which
    prohibit to start tradestation?

    kind regs

  2. ekasiswanto Says:

    It depends on each case. Starting from the error message at the import event

  3. ekasiswanto Says:

    It depends on each case, starting from the error message when performing import

  4. Anonymous Says:


    Where can I download ELDExtract.exe from?

  5. James Says:


    Where can I download ELDExtract.exe from?

  6. ekasiswanto Says:

    ok, just send your email address

  7. Anonymous Says:

    why I can see only the first line in stg?
    I use TS9.0 (Update 8697)
    Please send me ELDExtract.exe
    Thank You.

  8. gary tang Says:

    Can you please email me ELDExtract.exe as well. Thanks.

  9. Alex Says:

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  10. Ron Says:

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  17. Garry Says:

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  18. Anonymous Says:

    eldextract does not work

  19. ekasiswanto Says:

    it should be work if condition is suitable 🙂

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