How to Configure IIS 6.0 to Log CPU Events

Here I want to describe how to configure IIS 6.0 Metabase when certain condition such as CPU reaching 96% for certain W3WP.EXE worker process.

To accomplish this task, I will use 2 (two) of the IIS Metabase properties called CPULimit and CPUAction.

I will set the CPULimit property using IIS 6.0 Manager :

So, the “Enable CPU Monitoring” is checked, with percentage is set to 96%, and action performed is set to No Action. This will cause the W3SVC to log to the event log whenever certain processes in Application Pools (I set it into Application Pools level), reaches 96% of CPU usage.

You can consult this link for more information :

So, what kind of message when the percentage of CPU really exceed the specified value above ? Well, it will generate event id 1025 with the message “Application pool ” exceeded its job limit settings.” A rather cryptic message indeed 🙂


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