How to View Detailed ASP Errors

ASP page error can occasionally hard to be located. Sometime the browser can show the exact location, and oftentimes, it just show error message like this (in IE 8.0) :

This is a dead-end message, especially when there is a very long ASP routine to be fixed, this can become a nightmare for certain ASP developers. It is because you will not have any idea as to the precise location of the error.

To remedy this situation, you can use the AspErrorsToNTLog IIS Metabase property to log the ASP error to windows event object, that later can be viewed with event viewer.

This property can be set using IIS Metabase Explorer, a part of utility of IIS Resources package as follows :

In the screen capture above, the property is located at /LM/W3SVC, and I’ve set this property from FALSE (default value) to TRUE.

Now, after setting this value, I am again firing the browser to the ASP page that contains the error, and the browser will show dead-end error message as usual.

But provided that I have access to the server, I can now activates the event viewer at the application category and the error appears as a warning message :

And when I view the detail of this warning message :

That will provide starting pointer for the grieving ASP developer as to where to start fixing the ASP bug 🙂


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