Some Facts About SAP DIAG’s com_flag Field

The second field of SAP DIAG’s OVERHEAD structure is called com_flag. Information of the usage of this flag can be obtained from CSession::OverheadInterpreter methods inside the sapfront.dll. Basically this field controls the communication flow between SAP GUI client and the server.

Several of valid values that is already verified by activating monitor trace are :

0x00 = this cause no action is taken on either the client and the server
0x01 = ending of the session (shows as “end of session” on monitor trace)
0x02 = ending of conversation (shows as “end of conversation” on monitor trace)
0x04 = shows as “no operation” on monitor trace
0x08 = shows as “end of message” on monitor trace
0x80 = activates SAP Graphics routine (shows as “business graphic” on monitor trace)

When the com_flag is set to 0x80, the client will show some sort of screen capture as below :


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