Info for Troubleshooting WinMOPS Client

Understanding how each components interact within WinMOPS client/server environment is crucial in troubleshooting WinMOPS problem. This article will provides some handy information regarding how WinMOPS perform connection to its historical server.

When the WinMOPS tries to connect to the server to obtain certain tag data, it will utilizes the MOPS Portal service (mportal.exe) for session registration.

This session is handled by MOPS Tag Broker Service (mtagbroker.exe) to get the session id called the TagBroker string for subsequent communication without involving the Portal Service.

In turn, the tag broker service will communicate with MOPS Historian Service provider (mhistsp.exe). This service, in turn acts only as a client to the database server service(mhadmin.exe), usually listening on port 12000.

Database service server will manages the database (mhengine.exe) and group servers (mhgroup.exe) to supply the requested data from mhistsp.exe service. Each database has its own mhengine.exe and this also applied for group server. So, you will see many of those executable files in a server that has a more than one database or groups.

When certain things do not working as expected, there are comprehensive error messages system look up in mmsgu.dll which in turns will perform look up inside the msg folder of installed MOPS client installation.

Those are the minimum components required for a successful retrieval of tag data.


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