How to Install OpenSimulator Server Successfully

I’ve recently analyzed the features of virtual 3D servers in the market. One of these servers is the OpenSimulator server.

After the download from, and entering the necessary information:


I’ve got the error message as follows:


GetUserAccount receive null or empty reply, unable to store account. If this simulator is connected to a grid, you must create the estate owner account first at the grid level.

This is because the package is using the grid mode which tries to connect to existing grid server. I have to change the [Architecture] section inside OpenSim.Ini file to the stand alone mode as follows:


Now I’ve given the crashed OpenSim.exe program as follows:


2014-02-07 14:57:03,206 ERROR – OpenSim.Server.Base.ServerUtils [SERVER UTILS]: Error loading plugin OpenSim.Region.Framework.Interfaces.ISimulationDataService from OpenSim.Services.Connectors.dll. Exception: No StorageProvider configured

By examining the log file, I’ve notice there are missing config file for data configuration:

2014-02-07 14:57:03,144 WARN – OpenSim.ConfigurationLoader [CONFIG]: Could not find include file C:\OSGrid\bin\config-include\StandaloneCommon.ini

By renaming the StandaloneCommon.ini.example to the proper name and re-run the server, I’ve now shown with nicely running server 🙂



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