Solving SIGILL in Android Emulator Debugging for Thumb Mode

In my previous article, I’ve indicated that there are still more SIGILL even though it is already resolved for pure arm instructions. The gdb client still has some shortcomings on handling the arm thumb instructions.

Suppose I’ve compile the hello program in the thumb mode. The SIGILL still crops up, when I try to use the program as it is without the aid of symbol file:


So, the debugger client can’t be use for debugging non symbol application with the thumb instruction in it. Close examination of the above problem reveals that determination whether current given program counter is in thumb or arm mode is inside arm_pc_is_thumb (arm-tdep.c) function. It fails to detect whether code at given program counter (pc) is in fact a thumb instruction.

More detailed analysis reveals that it tries to infer the thumb mode state by checking the cpsr register through frame_unwind_register_value (frame.c) function, which returns unpredictable cpsr state, especially when the transition is from either the two modes.

To remedy this situation, you can set the fallback-mode to either thumb or arm, depending on the current breakpoint location and its code characteristics. In other words, the information about the modes is determined by the user.


Don’t forget to set the appropriate mode when you eventually arrive back at arm instruction.


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