How to Perform Separate Assets Download of The Sims FreePlay

If you have obtained this Android game and want to use it for a first time, mostly it will show the “Update Check” information box as below:


It is often failed at this stage because the amount of download file is rather large, for example, my device is around 450 MB.

So then you will try to find the files to be downloaded using the net by searching “APK + Data” or by other means, only to find that the application failed to load, ending in an abrupt stop.

The reason why it failed is because each phones requires specific asset and if the downloaded assets is not compatible for your Android Phone.

In fact, when the Update Check is in progress, the download module of the program will try to obtain the correct asset package by supplying your phone device information and your graphics processor capabilities.

This information is sent to the game server, and the server will provide the list of zip files to be downloaded based on information supplied by the downloader.

Because the assets to be downloaded is rather big, that’s why the module will provide some warning if you try to download the files using mobile data quota and prefer using WiFi instead.

Sometimes, even if you prepare to download directly from your phone, the download manager will failed showing the error box as follows:


The message “A Server error has occurred. Please visit, etc” means this is the end for you to ever play this game on your phone.

So, why not using your PC and existing cable internet to download the file ? It is possible by providing the steps that will be described below.

First is to create the debug.enable file and placed it in the root directory of your phone’s sdcard. The content of this file doesn’t matter, because the program will only checks for this file for deciding it will write the debug information to tell you the internal workings of the downloading module.

Once you have place this file, try to run the program again, and after that if you are lucky :), you will find the presence of debug.txt in your root directory of sdcard.

Inside this file is the list of correct assets in the form of zip files according to your installed The Sims FreePlay program.

At this point, you can download the above list of zip files, and extract place it in the program’s data folder, for example Android/data/ Be sure to provide the correct folder structure. In my case, of the assets is placed under the /published folder.

There are one more step to perform, i.e. to tell the download module that you are already provide the files, so don’t bother to perform redundant work for you.

You have to supply two files, i.e. Downloaded.indicate and Downloaded2.indicate, and place it in the program’s data folder above. This is just a text file.

The content of Downloaded2.indicate is a list of downloaded file, for example You have to place one of those zip file in the program’s data folder, but not all of them, just one file to provide the evident to the downloader so as to make it satisfied.

So, inside download Downloaded2.indicate, you type the downloaded file string, for example and saves it as text file, placed it in the data folder.

For Downloaded.indicate, you have to type information as follows:


for example:


You have to create the higher version from the one supplied in the debug.txt file. Between the Version and the version number is separated by the TAB character.

Placed it in the data folder and pray before executing your favorite game again, it should works 🙂


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