XAOS Compilation on Windows OS

XAOS application is used to display fractal graphics, and because I want to perform close examination of the way it process the given user formula, I try to compile from the source on windows OS.

This article describe the compilation process and resolves the common issues found in compilation process on windows OS.


Since it is still a warning stage, I decided to leave it for a while and proceed to the next phase of compilation process.


The file libfilter.a is actually generated from the compiler, seems it failed to manifest at compile phase previous to linking process.


It failed to manifest because there is an error above. Download the appropriate libiconv library from MINGW site.


This is because of the problems of missing libiconv that get passed at configuration process. Remove all object files and intermediate result of compilation process, and perform re-configure.

This time, the compilation is progressing without any incident.



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