Resolving XAOS Post Compilation Issues

When I try to load the *.xpf file containing the user formula, my compiled application refuses to process it:


Seems that the previous complaint from configuration process at the compile time should be taken seriously.

Let’s now handle the importing of the GSL library. GSL stands for GNU Science Library, and it is in the form of source code and should be compiled first to obtain the library specific to the OS of the target machine.


Examining the content of the above include files that causes a problem reveal that it is created as symbolic link statement to the actual file. There is a statement inside file configuration inside D:\Projects\Fractal\gsl\gsl folder as follows:


In configure file:


MSYS can’t handle the symlink, so the solution is revise the above script to use cp (copy command) instead of ln -s. Make sure it does so in the config.log file:


Now GSL source will continue to compile until it stops at this stage:


This is because:


Some stage of previous compilation process is not executed due to some unknown problem, just remove *.lo and recompile inside utils folder:


Now GNU GSL Library will compile just file. Let’s move on to re-compile XAOS source:


There is a problem inside the configuration file inside the XAOS source file that causes GSL_CONFIG to be blank when the script try to check and include the GSL library, so modify to:


Depending on the location of GSL library installation. Now we have:


Copy the include file from GNU gsl folder into src\include of the XAOS source code and also the corresponding libgsl.a and libgslcblas.a to C:\mingw\lib folder.

Open XAOS program and try to load *.xpf file that has formula in it and the program crashes 🙂

Further examination reveals that I’ve used the wrong GSL library for compiling GSL with XAOS. This is verified by creating the small program and examine the data, and it turns out the result is garbage, although it compiles right.

The compiled static library libgsl.a should be taken from .libs result in the GSL directory, not from lib folder.

Re-compile XAOS after the correct library is copied.

Now, user formula runs just fine 🙂


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